Club Rides

We have a number of regular club rides throughout the week, with something to suit everyone regardless of ability. A few noteworthy points about our rides are:

  • Non-members are welcome to ride with us up to a maximum of 3 rides, then we must ask that you become a member; for more information see our membership page.
  • All rides are due to start at the specified time, so it is advised to arrive at least 5 minutes before this time so that organising groups and any other pre-ride discussion can take place with everybody there.
  • The first rule of all our club rides is that nobody gets left behind. Our other rules for club rides can be found at the rules and regulations page under Code of Conduct.
  • Club rides may be cancelled if riding conditions are deemed to be unsafe by club officials, such as in icy conditions. Ride cancellations will be posted on our Facebook page, usually at least 1 hour before the ride start time.

Winter 2018/2019 Club Rides (Starts 25/10/2018)

Tuesday Evening

  • From: First bus stop after Sacred Heart Roundabout on B5
  • Time: 7:00pm
  • A 1 hour training session on a streetlit circuit. The aim is to work together as a group so that everybody gets a good workout. The circuit includes a few 'shortcuts' so that anybody who needs to take a short rest before continuing with the group. The ride may be split into multiple ability groups if enough people turn up. This ride replaces the Tuesday evening Glow Worm ride over the winter.

Wednesday Morning

  • From: The Castle Grounds Cafe
  • Time: 9:30am
  • Ride details: A 20-30 mile social ride suitable for all abilities with a cafe stop. A recommended ride for beginners.

Wednesday Evening

  • From: Bolehall Manor, Bolehall
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Ride details: A group turbo training session lasting around an hour with a different programme each week which will focus on improving various areas of cycling performance. The sessions are a great way to maintain fitness during the winter and have proved popular the past few years since they started. Bring your own bike and turbo trainer down, along with a towel and a drink to take part - the sessions start at 7:30pm so arrive at least 15 minutes before to set up.
    The sessions are £3 per person per session. If you do not own a turbo trainer but would like to try one before buying one, please contact the club in advance and we may be able to find one to lend to you for the evening.

Friday Morning

  • From: The Old Crown, Wigginton
  • Time: 9:30am
  • Ride details: A ladies-only ride, suitable for all abilities, ride distance will depend on who turns up on the day. The aim of the ride is to encourage female cyclists who may feel nervous about joining the club initially to come along and ride with the club in a more relaxed environment amongst other ladies. This is a social ride with a cafe stop around halfway. If you have any queries about this ride, please contact our ladies representative who will be happy to help.

Saturday Morning

  • From: The Old Crown, Wigginton
  • Time: 9:00am
  • Ride details: Typically split into 2 or 3 groups according to ability. All abilities are welcome and all rides have a cafe stop at approximately half distance.
    • 30-40 mile easy paced social group.
    • A 50 mile social paced group.
    • A shorter beginners ride if required.
    There may also be faster 50 mile ride, depending on who turns up on the day.

Sunday Morning

  • From: The Old Crown, Wigginton
  • Time: 9:00am
  • Ride details: A social ride suitable for all abilities, 30-40 miles depending on who turns up on the day, with a cafe stop at approximately half distance.