Club Officials

Tamworth Cycling Club has a committee of individuals which are elected at the AGM every November. Any first claim member can put there name forward at an AGM for a committee role, or at an EGM in the event of a committee member resigning from their post. The currently elected officials are listed below, along with a brief outline of their roles.

Chairman: Stuart Underwood

  • Chairs all official club meetings
  • Manages the club in accordance with the constitution
  • Settles disputes within the club

Club Secretary: David Baston

  • Responds to emails and messages which have been sent to the club
  • Keeps the club members of the club informed, including distribution of minutes from meetings and sending out information of information which may interest members
  • Ensures membership to club affiliations such as British Cycling are kept up to date

Treasurer: Martin Dimbleby

  • Looks after the clubs accounts
  • Records all financial incomings and outgoings for the club
  • Handles the clubs membership and passes completed membership forms tothe secretary

Kit Secretary: Alison Gardner

  • Looks after the stock of club kit and keeps an up-to-date record of stock levels
  • Regularly attends club night to ensure members can buy club kit and liaises with members wishing to buy kit outside of club night
  • Communicates with the club committee when kit stock is running low so that more can be purchased

Ladies Representative: Wendy Bradshaw

  • Looks after the interest and requirements of the ladies in the club
  • Responds to messages sent to the club by ladies

Audax Secretary: Wayne Wright

  • Regularly posts upcoming Audax events which may interest club members to the Facebook page
  • Help out members who have enquiries about Audax events

Time Trials Secretary: Michelle Drakeley

  • Regularly posts upcoming time trials which may interest club members to the Facebook page
  • Help out members who have enquiries about time trials